Our Bible Study Class making unleavened bread





Zac preparing the balloons

Balloon Release Day 2010

Balloon Day at the Mission 2010


Ready to fly for Jesus

Balloon carrying a message to Jesus

Ruby on Balloon Day



Baptism Photos

Monica Chapman

Baptizing Monica Chapman

Brother's-Dan Rowe, Bill Meadows

 & Richard Campbell

Very Happy Monica Chapman



Monica's Mother-Bonnie Chapman

Bonnie coming out of the water

Brother Kirby, Bonnie Chapman

 & Sister Patti Campbell

Smiling Brother Kirby

Bonnie & Monica Chapman


Courtney Risner

Courtney Risner

Baptizing Courtney

Very Happy Courtney


Brother Rowe asking the question

 of Desiree' Blevens

Baptizing Desiree' Blevens

Desiree' coming out of the water

Desiree' with her Father


Michelle May

Baptizing Michelle May

Baptizing Shyanne May

Brother's-Dan Rowe, Bill Meadows

 & Richard Campbell


Brother Richard Campbell,

Pastor Wayne Kirby,

Sister Ruby Pfiefer

Dawn Johnson


Dawn's witness to Baptism


Dawn with Pastor Brother Kirby



Dawn Johnson, Leslie and Ruby

Dawn in the Pool

Baptizing Dawn Johnson

Brother Bill Meadows,

Brother Kirby & Dawn



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